Class of 2004

Peter A. Bisbecos
Balaraju Chinthala
Terry Dove
Richard Dustin Doyle
Timothy J. DuVall
Nathan J. Feltman
Nathan D. Foushee
Matthew L. Grills
Jamie-Joe A. Harris
Heather Powell Kemper
Michelle Blank Kossmann
Corey Liss
Richard G. Lucht
Matthew R. Macaluso
Paul McFeaters
Lora L. Miller
Paul Okeson
Eric M Oliver
Jeffrey L Papa
Peter Pizarro
Jennifer G. Ruby
Donald M. Snemis
Peter Bradley Wright

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"ILF is the new voice of political leadership. It showcases the talent, skills and diversity of Indiana."
- Tony Kirkland, Former Indiana Civil Rights Commissioner (Class of 2006)

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