Political Theory & Public Policy

"Political ideology was a very engaging topic that sparked my interest and created a dynamic group discussion."
- Julie Southworth, Class of 2011

The Political Theory class session is an introduction to the Indiana Leadership Forum's year long program. The class members are offered insight into the history of the ILF and its mission going forward. The session primarily focuses on the history and structure of the political system, political party platforms, current legislative issues, and leadership techniques to influence change in your community through increased civic engagement.

"The e ILF provides an excellent opportunity to not only get to know those who are already political leaders in Indiana, but also those that will be leading in the future."
- Matt Kirby, Indiana Department of Education (Class of 2005)

Make A Donation
The Indiana Leadership Forum's tuition is supplemented by generous contributions from individuals, community groups, and businesses in order to meets its escalating operating costs and subsidize the annual class trip to Washington, D.C.

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